Data Privacy Policy


We know you value your privacy and we respect it. We are drafting our Website Data Privacy Policy as of the moment and it will be available on a later date probably within 2-3 weeks time.


We respect your privacy.

If you are unsure to whether to continue browsing our website without reading our Privacy Policy first, please come back another time once we finish it so we can share it with you on this Privacy Policy page.


Still drafting our Privacy Policy. Our timeframe.

We are still drafting our Privacy Policy. If you are unsure to continue browsing this website without reading our Privacy Policy. Please visit this page within 2-3 weeks or by mid-September of 2017.


Notify about Privacy Policy

If you want us to notify you once our Privacy Policy is finished, kindly send us an email at: [email protected] and put in the subject: “Notify me about Website Data Privacy Policy”


Thank you.