Facebook Marketing (Facebook for Business)

What’s your goal? Long term or short term? Drive sales? Raise awareness about your brand? Grow your audience? Promote posts engagement. We can help your business thru Facebook Marketing.


How do we do it?


Consult. Analyze. Formulate. Launch!

  • Consultation: What do you want to achieve? What is your goal? Tell us, sit back and we’ll do the rest!
  • Analyze your Market, Facebook Page and Target Audience: Customers, Focus, Niche Market
  • Formulate campaign strategies: Long Term or Short Term, Grow your Facebook Following, Higher Engagement, Raise brand awareness, Drive traffic to your website.
  • Launch the Facebook Marketing Campaign: We execute and report!


Actual Client Website Analytics for Social Network Source: Facebook eats the Pie!
*Actual Client Website Analytics for Social Network Source: Facebook eats the Pie!


  1. Micro/Minimal: Low Budget. Low Impact.
  2. Standard: Just the right Budget. Average Impact.
  3. Growing: You have a Budget. Above Average Impact.
  4. High Impact: Above Average Budget. High Impact.


Service Package:

  1. Facebook Marketing Only – Campaign-based; Facebook Ads only.
  2. Facebook Marketing + Facebook Monitoring & Management – minimum of 1 month; monitoring & management with Facebook Ads.
  3. Facebook Monitoring & Management – minimum of 3 months; monitoring & management only, no Facebook Ads.



  1. One-Time
  2. Monthly
  3. Three (3) Months
  4. Six (6) Months
  5. Annual (1 year; renewable)


Actual insight from our Client's Facebook Page. Facebook Marketing with Facebook Monitoring & Management for consistent customer engagement and Page management.
*Actual insights from our Client’s Facebook Page. We maintain our Client Facebook Page thru Facebook Marketing with Facebook Monitoring & Management for consistent Facebook Page engagement and management.

Choosing the right Facebook Marketing Package for your business:

How to choose from our Facebook Marketing Package, it’s simple!

  • Combine Formula: Impact + Service Package + Terms = You sit, We estimate the price.
  • Budget Formula: Impact + Service Package = You still sit, We estimate the campaign based on your budget.


Have something in mind?


Do you have something in mind or do you want us to formulate a proposal for your business? Just send us an email, we’d love to assists you.

We have our own Standard Response Policy so you can be sure we’ll get back at you the soonest.


For RFP or Quotation, email us at: [email protected]


Read more about Marketing on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/business


Not interested in Facebook Marketing?

We can manage and monitor your Facebook Page so you can focus your time on your business.

Not interested in spending for Facebook Marketing? We can maintain, monitor and manage your Facebook Page! Read about our Facebook Monitoring and Management Service.